Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead.
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Saturday, 5 August 2006

The Good Life

Hi, it's Tom. As one of the blogteam working on this website, I should say that I am fascinated by Tovarisch, I'm Not Dead on three levels.

First, the history of the time and place has awed me since I was a child. I remember reading/viewing Life's Picture History of World War II from cover to cover--and then starting again from page one. I was eight years old. From the Holocaust to the gulags, I have read books, watched movies, sat in front of the television, amazed at what man can do to man, and how man can adapt and overcome. From Primo Levi to Solzhenitsyn, from Schindler's List to Life is Beautiful, I have consumed all I could about these topics. I'm a gentile with no connection to any of it--I don't know why this was so important to me.

Second is my love of movie-making. I'm a wannabee, writing a blog about a movie in the making. I love this aspect of it, watching the project management, the process, watching creative people work. I want to capture it all. I want to watch this project move towards its stated goal--getting into prestigious film festivals, finding an audience, and then finding a way to get in front of that audience. I guess my big hope for this blog is that it helps Tovarisch get in front of all the people who would be touched and appreciative of what's inside.

But third, and maybe most important to me, is the fact that Garri Urban lived. He didn't just survive. He overcame his experiences and had a meaningful life. In this age where we can all label ourselves victims of something, what Garri Urban and so many other like him were able to do--move on--is especially relevant to me. I want to learn how he did it.

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