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Monday, 4 September 2006

An Interview With Stuart Urban

The director of Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead has agreed to answer any questions you may have for him.

Stuart Urban is a BAFTA winning director and son of Garri Urban, the man to whose memory this site is dedicated. Stuart is in a unique position to be able to answer any questions that you may have on his father's life, his own experiences of growing up in a family affected by the events of World War II or even on the process of turning his father's thoughts and feelings into a film - Please click on the 'Comments' tag at the base of this post if you have any questions for Stuart and we will do our best to get a video of his responses posted up on this site.

Latest Film News

We have just heard from Stuart Urban (the director of Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead) and the documentary is nearing completion - read on for a message direct from Stuart Urban!

Stuart Urban writes:

"We are coming towards the home straight on completing the documentary, Tovarisch I Am Not Dead, after only a mere 15 years or so in the making! Spread across that time and in several countries, I have been doing video diaries, research, interviews, archive investigations, consulting historians, tracking people down … and so much more, all in the cause of investigating one of the 20th Century's more remarkable survivors and escapers – my father. I have worked with superb collaborators on the artistic, organisational and investigational fronts, been arrested a couple of times in the former Soviet Union in the course of making the film by organs of state security, and been cheated of money by people who should have known better. Depending on what festival home the film first finds, we will announce further news as soon as it comes. We have no champions or powerful voices acting on behalf of the film but we hope its subject matter will speak for itself!”
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