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Tuesday, 22 August 2006

How to use this weblog

I thought I would add a quick post to help you out if you are new to the World of Weblogs.

Its easiest to think of a weblog as a responsive Internet page - rather than logging onto the Internet and finding a static page of information a weblog is a living, breathing thing. Weblogs are written by real people who are interested and passionate about the subjects they write about, and weblogs are responsive - if you click on the Comments field under any of the posts you see on this page you can tell us what you think about the subjects we are discussing and share your views with other readers.

As well as the posts (written articles) you will find lists of useful information running down the side of the weblogs - these can include anything and everything and will be dependent upon the subject of the weblog you are viewing. You may find links to book, films, websites and even other weblogs - and if you click on one of the lists you will (nearly always!) be taken to a site that can tell you even more about the subject that you are interested in.

Feel free to read the posts on this site and, if you have the time, please talk to us! Let us know your thoughts and views and we will do our best to respond to you... keep coming back and you will see the weblog evolve to include your ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.



Jorge Olavarria said...

A great idea. And, since I'm making a short about Quantum Mechanics, I can say that this is proof of superpositioning. Namely, I wrote a play eons ago entitled, "Good Night Tavarish Vera" it’s about the life of Vera Alexandrovna Guchcov, daughter of Alexander Ivanovich minister during the brief Kerenski government and, once exiled, the worst enemy the Bolsheviks had...
But Vera joined the communist party and befriended TS Elliot, A Gide, B. Pastesnak, Svetlana Peters (Stalin’s daughter) and so on. In fact, while she was still a communist party hierarch, she traveled to Moscow and actually interviewed (the only one that ever dared) Nicolai Yezov, or Ezov, the monstrous head of the NKVD. …she was there when the Russian tanks rolled into Prague. …She was interned in a French concentration camp for undesirable aliens… and became the lover of Andreas Von Salomon, before he was captured by the Nazi. Andreas, as a matter of fact, is reputed for being the youngest officer in the Wehrmacht and for having said that “the greatest honor a German soldier can hope for is to be buried in a common grave outside of Paris.” He didn’t die in a common grave... he became an enemy of the Reich, was hunted down and offered a gun to commit suicide.

Ben - From the Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead Team said...

Hi Jorge, Good to hear from you - your play sounds fascinating, it amazing how many people, even if they were swept up in the fervour of war, made a stand against the atrocities once clarity had returned to them. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Julie Lewendon said...

I enjoyed reading your web blogs, and since this is my first time in doing so, I really did enjoy this,and the Historical links proved very informative.

John Simmonds said...

I find from reading these notes that this is a very in depth and moving story
of a man persecuted thro no fault of his own.

Sharon Long said...

What you are doing is amazing work that needs to be done. Too often I still hear people say that the holocaust didn't happen. Tell that to the elderly couple near where I used to work in Canada with the concentration tattoos on their arms that it didn't happen. People cannot be allowed to think like this or to ever forget that things like this can happen. I don't believe the German people as a whole should have to continue to pay for this, it was an elite group of germans that perpetrated the atrocities during the second world war, but we cannot pretend that humans are not capable of this level of cruelty and inhumanity to each other. Thank you for continue to make the world aware.

Ben from the Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead team said...

Hi Sharon,

Many thanks for your comments - while the work of highlighting Garri Urban's story is important, and I feel that it is vital that everyone, especially todays kids, understand what happened in the gulags and concentration camps, working on this site is extremely draining - the emotion of researching these topics is distressing, so I can hardly imagine the horror of living through the events that the documentary focuses on... your comments and interest make the effort more than worthwhile.
Thanks, Ben

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