Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead.
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Monday, 24 July 2006

Spread the Word

Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead is an independent film, produced by Cyclops Vision. Obviously, independent films don’t have big Hollywood budgets, nor do they have the vast studio marketing muscle behind them.... you won't be seeing wall to wall television adverts for Tovarisch anytime soon.....but these films, as well as being works of art, are an important part of our culture because they record the last eye witness testimony to the most monstrous events of the twentieth century and show exactly how the survivors were affected.
The team behind this film are hoping to enter Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead into numerous film festivals, ranging from stellar events such as The Sundance Film Festival to local film festivals, festivals concentrating on documentaries and festivals focused upon certain sections of society, such as the Jewish community or those with an interest in human rights and history. Should this happen the film will receive increased media attention and Garri's story will be made accessible to a much larger audience.... But how can you help?
Well, the more people that are aware of this film, the more chance that we have of having applications to all the major film festivals accepted.

We will do everything we can behind the scenes to promote the film, but if you are able to tell others about the film then that would be a great help.... and if you feel that you represent a specialist community or educational establishment and would like a screening of the film to be arranged please contact us HERE. Tell us who you are and why you would like to have the film shown - give us your contact details and we may be able to arrange it for you!

Please feel free to invite your friends and family to view this site for information about the film, and remember to keep your eyes on our updates for news on early screenings and cinema dates.... and if you have any good ideas for promoting the film then just drop us a line!

Many thanks.


W Reid said...

very good looking forword 2 it

Jackie K said...

I am very touched by all of these stories, and am looking forward to seeing the documentary

Ben from the Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead team said...

Hi Jackie and thanks for your comments - If you would like some more informaton please feel free to register with our site... or if you would lie others to read the information here it would be great if you could pass on our web address to your friends - many thanks.

kat w said...

Really touching film,a fantastic reminder of the war time generation's resilience and bravery.

Anonymous said...

a global topic with a personal touch made it a brilliant documentary

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